Martin Hunt Partner

Chester based Martin began his career with Powell Williams in 1996 and has developed a wide breadth of knowledge and skills in building surveying spanning more than 20 years. 

He specialises in acquisition and vendor surveys, although manages many projects covering our full spectrum of services.  As part of his wider environmental concern he became a SKA Assessor in 2010. His tenacious attitude and attention to detail have added value for many of our clients in particular when completing an audit of the Evans portfolio vendor surveys covering 290 properties and 5 million sq.ft.

What's the best thing about working for Powell Williams?
Having started at the bottom, the internal structure and company ethos are perfect for surveyors working their way up through the ranks supporting empowerment and accountability. The client base is excellent as is the work environment.

What do you feel most passionate about within your working life?
Providing the best possible advice to clients, not just "good enough" advice. It's all about raising the standards and pushing your knowledge and understanding of this diverse profession. The development of junior surveyors provides great opportunity to pass on gained knowledge and be kept on your toes.

If you had to stay on a desert island for a month, what one luxury item would you ask to take?
A machete .. luxury is relative to the situation!

What three things can't you live without?
My sanity, a sense of purpose and soft toilet paper.

If you hadn't become a surveyor what would you have liked to have done?
I would have been an organic carrot farmer with an oil reservoir under my land.

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