In the Media: Midlands Business Insider speaks to Michael Jones about what to do if you receive a Compulsory Purchase Order

Q. I have received a CPO and my business is being forced to relocate, what do I do next? Your business is going to have to move, and you'll need a host of professionals to help with the logistics of that, and the subsequent compensation claim in particular a building surveyor to provide an accurate assessment of both your existing premises and the new, to produce the evidence needed to support your claim.

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Michael Jones, head of Powell Williams' Birmingham office, explains.

"This process is tightly controlled by the compulsory purchase code, which commits to ensuring that any business disrupted by a CPO is not unfairly penalised. The business should find itself in the same position as if it had not been disrupted by the CPO. Compensation is available to assure that, and to reimburse costs incurred.

"In order to claim that compensation, a business needs to provide a slew of evidence, a key part of which is an assessment of its current facility and the new building, and a comparison made. The detail of this will be vital to making an accurate claim, and so a good building surveyor will look into every aspect of the two buildings.

"They will consider the size, layout and use of the space, to understand whether the new facility will match the original not just in overall square footage, but also in terms of provision for the various different operations of a business. This could include the ratios between storage, manufacturing and office space in an industrial setting for example, or the split between individual workspaces, meeting rooms, break out areas etc in an office environment.

"They will look at the staff amenity, the provision of bathroom facilities, the kitchen and rest areas, parking availability, security provision. The quality of the accommodation will be a factor, the age and repair of the building, and any work needed to bring the new site up to at least the same standard. And then there's the services. Heavy industrial companies often require access to high volumes of electricity and gas, which by no means come as standard.

"The costs associated with upgrading or remodelling a new building in order to match the facilities being vacated, can only be recouped if this crucial exercise has been undertaken by an experienced surveyor who can defend their position if the claim is challenged. "

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