Powell Williams sprints to 21 and jumps a few fences along the way!

The Partners from Powell Williams' London Birmingham and Chester offices celebrated their 21st Year in business in style last week at Chester Races.  The team were joined by clients from a wide spectrum of the property industry including Pension Funds, Investment Agents and Property Occupiers to mark this special occasion. 
Andy Williams, who founded the practice in 1990, said "I believe our success can be attributed to our ability to move with the market and embrace economic change, our service delivery has remained a constant focus, and we are pleased to be able to continue to add value to our clients' assets.
Having our client's along to help us celebrate has added to the event enormously, and we look forward to many more successful years in business".


Powell Williams at Chester Races
The team 1
Guy Weatherly - Johnson the Cleaners
Mark Laundy William Hill and David Clark Pemberstone
The final furlong
Malcolm Parnell - CHP Management
Tim Hayne - BP Investment Management
Matthew Parish - ITV, Michael Johnson - Powell Williams, Mark Stretton
John Yeend - La Salle Investment Management, Darren Ward - Powell Williams, Tim Hayne - BP
Amanda Clancy - Powell Williams
Guy Weatherly - Johnson the Cleaners & Andrew Marshall - Powell Williams
david and mark
Alex Buchanan - AHBN
The Team 2
The Team & Clients
Frankie Deottori
John Yeend - La Salle Investment Management
Malcolm Parnell - CHP Management, Martin Hunt - Powell Williams, Maria Lazenbury - Pemberstone
The Team & Clients
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